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Lil Skies Releases New Song & Video For "Real Ties"

Lil Skies is one of the most underrated artists out there. He has a huge following but he has yet to truly break out into the mainstream. For some reason, something hasn’t caught on with the masses. However, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before more people start to take notice. It’s not like Lil Skies is a small name. He had a great year and he’s looking to grow…
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Ella Mai Only Has 24 Seconds In "Shot Clock" Visuals

Ella Mai is starting the “Shot Clock.” Last year, Ella Mai became one of the most in-demand R&B singers in the world. In her debut campaign, the star’s self-titled album ran up the numbers after “Boo’d Up” became one of the most popular songs of the entire year. When the controversy surrounding Jacquees’ version of…
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"I Put Tyga In His First Video!"

Soulja Boy comes through with some cold hard proof. The feud between Soulja Boy and Tyga has turned out to be pretty playful. At first, we were all surprised to hear Soulja Boy claim that he had a bigger comeback than T-Raw, who had released a few effective records last year. Then, Soulja continued his troll campaign by going after Kanye West, Drake, 6ix9ine, me…
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