Los Angeles producer Shlohmo is in the process of finalizing his upcoming The End album, which is set to arrive on March 22nd. In the meantime, Shlohmo has delivered a new look at the project, which he describes as “Apocalyptic” in nature. In a press release regarding the album, Shloh described the project as follows: “This album is vaguely about the end of the world. but from the viewpoint of smoking on the couch during the extinction event. Reading a nice book while the meteor hits. The fake peace of insularity during chaos.” Perhaps a mystical and literati-infused way of suggesting – listen to this shit while high.

One thing soon becomes evident. Shlohmo is intent on taking listeners on a journey. Different elements coalesce, from mystical chimes to grunge guitar chords, all settling comfortably over dynamic percussion. Lush, and at times hauntingly beautiful, “The End” is something you may very well want to revisit on a recurring basis. Check this one out, and mark your calendars for the end of the world, which may or may not be coming this March.