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Based on celebrated Gujarati play Beta Kaagdo by Anand Gandhi, Helicopter Eela is an ode to both motherhood and womanhood. Worrying is a prerequisite for every mother. They never stop worrying even for a moment. Sometimes it becomes obsessive but there is always a reason for such obsession. It’s hard for mothers to let go, to start living life for their own selves. That’s the film’s message. That for their own growth, parents need loosen the strings tied to their children and just let life be. Eela (Kajol) is talented singer married to copywriter husband Arun (Tota Roy Chowdhury). She’s a mother of young son, and looks poised for great things. But at around that time, a cousin’s death pushes Arun into a mid-life crisis. He decides to leave his wife and child to find himself. That means Eela has to fend for her son alone. She lets go of her singing career and opens a dabba business, and becomes increasingly possessive as her son grows up. When Vivaan (Riddhi Sen) is in college, she decides to join it herself to finish her education. Vivaan has enough of the suffocation and tells her so. He wants her to make something of her own life and pushed to the wall, she decides to take stock of herself and starts on a journey of self-discovery.

Since it’s a comedy the treatment is kind of over the top but the issues Helicopter Eela raises are serious indeed. That parents too need to re-examine their lives and push for betterment is a new concept in Bollywood and one that should be welcomed. We’re all helicopter moms and dads and seriously have to stop roving around our children all the time.

The film serves ‘90s nostalgia with a shovel.

A must watch scene is recreating the launch of MTV India in 1996. Watch out for Shaan, Ila Arun, Baba Sehgal, and Anu Malik living it up at the party. Mahesh Bhatt makes a cameo as himself and Alisha Chinoy is cast as singer Anita, whose Ruk ruk ruk gets remixed by Eela and makes her famous. It’s original songs, in particular the comic Mummy ki parchai and the emotional  Yaadon ki almari work as well. Kudos to lyricist Swanand Kirkire and composer Amit Trivedi for that.

The film rests on Kajol’s reliable shoulders. As Eela, she does everything that’s required for the film. She makes the years roll away as a frothy teenager in the first half and gets her expressions right as a Tiger Mom later on. Riddhi Sen matches her histrionics in every frame they are together and it’s their mother-son chemistry which makes the film believable. Toto Roy Chowdhury makes the most of his underwritten role and Neha Dhupia offers support as the sassy drama teacher.

Watch the film for some fierce acting by Kajol, who given her enormous talent should be getting more author-backed roles. Take your parents along as well – both parties might learn a thing or two…

Trailer : Helicopter Eela


Ronak Kotecha, October 11, 2018, 11:24 PM IST

critic’s rating: 


Mamma knows best!

Helicopter Eela Story: Based on a Gujarati play ‘Beta, Kaagdo’, Helicopter Eela is the story of a single mother, who makes her son’s well-being, the only purpose of her life. But will she end up losing herself and her son in this relentless pursuit.

Helicopter Eela Review: Sunita Rao’s lilting ‘Pari Hoon Main’ playing on radio welcomes you to the world of Eela Raiturkar (Kajol). A budding singer of the 90s, she doesn’t live in the past, but her world now revolves around her 20-year-old son Vivaan (Riddhi Sen). She follows him around in the real and virtual world; all the way to his college, where she turns up as a fellow student, too.

It’s an exciting premise and director Pradeep Sarkar sets the stage for a generational confrontation right at the beginning. However, he chooses to spend the first half taking us back into the good ol’ nineties, where Indie Pop ruled music charts and Baba Sehgal’s raps were a rage.

In the first half, writers Anand Gandhi and Mitesh Shah convey the ups and downs in the life of a young couple (Kajol and Tota Roy Chowdhury) with conviction. The film stays on course with light banter between the characters and the story progresses consistently without much melodrama. A fun soundtrack by Amit Trivedi, with quirky lyrics, also adds to the momentum.

Kajol hits all the right notes, be it as a singer on the cusp of hitting super stardom, or as a doting mother. She lights up the screen with an effortless charm. Tota Roy Chowdhury adequately pitches in as her supportive partner. However, there is a visible lack of chemistry between the two. National Award-winner Riddhi Sen, who is acclaimed for his performances in Bengali cinema, pulls off the emotional scenes with finesse, but his comic timing could have been better. Neha Dhupia performs well in her limited role, too. But the film belongs to Kajol, who dominates every frame. Her portrayal of a single mom’s love for her only child is convincing, enduring and deserves applause.

In the second half, director Pradeep Sarkar often comes close to giving wings to his protagonist, but that doesn’t happen till the very end. During this half, the mother joins the son in college and there’s ample opportunity for comedy, but that doesn’t ever play out. While the mother-son conflict is the core of the story, their confrontational scenes become a tad too repetitive.

Overall, Helicopter Eela is a fun ride that manages to land safely despite some turbulence. Watch this simple and endearing tale of motherly love with your mom in tow.

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Khloe Kardashian Did Some ‘Not So Mature Things’ After Tristan Cheated




Khloe Kardashian Did Some 'Not So Mature Things' After Tristan Cheated

Khloé Kardashian may have been calm in her hospital bed as she prepared to give birth to her first child, but her reaction to learning that her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, had cheated on her was a whole other matter. This mama got mad.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 34, posted a clip from the new episode of the E! show on Instagram on Sunday, November 18, that showed her trying to be zen as she went into labor.

“Don’t make permanent decisions off temporary emotions,” she said in the video about trying to avoid drama into the delivery room. “Me and Tristan will deal with him and I at a later time. I want to experience this magical moment, and I want this for me and my daughter, and for him at the end of the day.”

When a fan commended her on her calmness, writing, “This is so mature, I would have run him over with his own car,” Khloé admitted there was at least one angry moment after she learned of Thompson’s infidelity just two days before welcoming True in April.

“Oh well I did [some] not so mature things the day prior,” she wrote adding emojis for a knife, tears and a fist, “but I needed to get that out of my system. Namaste all the way in the hospital.”

In a comment on the post, Khloé admitted that she’ll “never understand” why the Cleveland Cavaliers player cheated on her.

The Strong Looks Better Naked author also shared other clips from the episode that showed her sister Kim Kardashian jokingly threatening to take down the cheating NBA star.

“I was like, this will be like Mayweather and Pacquiao,” Kim told big sister Kourtney Kardashian as they sat on a private jet. “And I am Mayweather. So are you ready?” Khloé added a fighting baby gif and a photo of her grimacing to the video on her Instagram Stories.

Kim Kardashian Threatens Tristan Thompson
Kim Kardashian jokingly threatens Tristan Thompson Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

She posted a clip of Kourtney, 39, telling Kim how crazy it was for their little sister to be alone in the hospital as she prepared to give birth for the first time. “How f—king insane to be doing this by yourself,” the mom of three said. “Walking in, checking in, getting your IV, sitting on the bed. I would f–king be s–tting in my pants.”

Kim Kardashian jokingly threatens Tristan Thompson
Kim Kardashian defends sister Khloe Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Another video showed Kim, 38, in her sister’s hospital room. “As much as I wanna go off I don’t think it’s the time so I’m gonna keep it cute,” Kim said as she repeatedly drew her finger across her throat, presumably while looking at Thompson, who cheated on Khloé with multiple women while she was nine months pregnant.

“I love getting to see moments I missed in real time,” Khloé commented on the video. “Get him Keeks.”

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NFL Star Jeff Rhohrer Marries ‘RHOBH’ Facialist Joshua Ross: Party Pics




NFL Star Jeff Rhohrer Marries ‘RHOBH’ Facialist Joshua Ross: Party Pics

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Fans angry as Anne Hegerty ruled out of first bushtucker trial on “medical grounds”




Fans angry as Anne Hegerty ruled out of first bushtucker trial on "medical grounds"

Annoyed fans of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! have called for a rule change after Chaser Anne Hegerty has been ruled out of the first Bushtucker trial “on medical grounds”.

Anne can’t take part in the first trial (Credit: ITV)

Read more: Fans think there’s something missing between Holly and Dec
The trial, called viper pit, will see the celebrity put in a pit full of snakes. Emily Atack was the unlucky star to be voted to do the trial.
The campmates have been split into two camps, with snake rock being the only ones eligible for the public to vote to do the trial.
But when Dec ruled Anne out on medical grounds, the nation breathed a collective sigh.

Holly and Dec said Anne couldn’t do the trial (Credit: ITV)

Many took to Twitter to say she shouldn’t have been allowed into the jungle in the first place if she couldn’t take part in the trials.

Read more: Fans already calling their winner of the jungle
Viewers also saw Anne break down in tears saying she was already close to quitting the show after her team lost the challenge and ended up with the basic camp and basic rations.
Ex-EastEnders star Rita Simons offered comfort to her campmate and everyone rallied round her.

Rita Simons offered comfort to Anne (Credit: ITV)

Fans were also divided over the new partnership of Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly after usual co-host Ant McPartlin took time off after going to rehab and being arrested for drink driving.
Some fans urged others to give Holly a chance, but others just missed Ant too much and insisted the banter between the current hosts wasn’t up to scratch.

The red team, including John Barrowman won the challenge (Credit: ITV)

So far, it seems John Barrowman and Harry Redknapp are early favourites to win, with people already calling John as their favourite.
Do you think Anne should be allowed on the show? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know what you think.

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